A Fiddler’s Web

Fiddle Tunes for our Connected Era
All Music by Paul Lafrance



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Fiddle music, stuff for the old folks? Paul Lafrance doesn’t think so. While foot stomping in our modern world, why not swing the bow too?

In these days of instant communications, of constantly renewed technologies, the album A Fiddler’s Web is here to prove that reels, jigs and clogs are still big — and real, not fake — news. It includes 17 original fiddle tunes, all composed and played by Paul Lafrance, that reflect today’s reality: IT and computing, the Internet, social media, email and text messaging, blunders and benders of the virtual world… Give it a listen, no doubt you’ll « Like » it!

    1. Dial-Up Connect
      Many are still stuck with it
    2. Leaking Wikis
      A slip & trip jig
    3. The Cloud’s Waltz  Watch video
      Wishing I could airdrop myself to you
    4. Gmail’s Gigajig
      Account me in!
    5. 3D Printer Blues Watch video
      Soon we’ll all have it
    6. Online LOL-a-Buy
    7. Social Media Shimmy
    8. Facebook Fais Do-Do
    9. The PDF Word
      The shortest jig on the Net
    10. Wi-Fi Five Watch video
      A reeljig
    11. Spam Spangled Server
      Some see Red everywhere
    12. Tumblr, Snapchat, Instagram and Others to Come (and Tango)
    13. Streaming and Browsing Reel
    14. Bitcoin Mining Bourrée
    15. Like My Blog Clog
    16. Twitter Feed Feud
      March for the mobiles
    17. Global Net Breakdown
      It will happen for sure one day…

Paul Lafrance fiddle, viola, electric violins, mandolin, dulcimer, merlin, charango, vièle (medieval fiddle), voice, keyboards and programming

Benoît LeBlanc voice on Facebook Fais Do-Do

Jonathan Lafontaine guitar on Like My Blog Clog

Patrik Roberge cover illustration

© All music composed and produced by Paul Lafrance (SOCAN, 2020)

🔊💰 Stream or buy album
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To buy the CD, please contact us.

[This CD uses these sounds from freesound: 3D printer working by unfa, little_girl_I_like_it.mp3 by jmagiera, goodnight little one sleep tight by AmeAngelofSin, electricguitar_starspangledbanner.wav by susychristiansen, Russian Cheeky Soldier Voice by qubodup, Russian to have and to hold (DM) by MatteusNova, Music Box Samples and Autoharp Chords by UbikPhonik]