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Gatineau, May 20, 2020.

Fiddle music, stuff for the old folks? Paul Lafrance doesn’t think so. While foot stomping in our modern world, why not swing the bow too?

In these days of instant communications, of constantly renewed technologies, the album A Fiddler’s Web is here to prove that reels, jigs and clogs are still big — and real, not fake — news.

It includes 17 original fiddle tunes, all composed and played by Paul Lafrance, that reflect today’s reality: IT and computing, the Internet, social media, email and text messaging, blunders and benders of the virtual world…

Some titles: Dial-Up Connect, Leaking Wikis, The Cloud’s Waltz, Online LOL-a-Buy, Spam Spangled Server, Global Net Breakdown

Give it a listen, no doubt you’ll « Like » it 👍 !

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Self-taught violinist and multi-instrumentalist Paul Lafrance has been fiddling along for more than 40 years. He has written music for theatre and TV. When he was 18 he composed and directed the barock opera La chanson de Roland. He has accompanied Donald Poliquin, Gildor Roy and Benoît LeBlanc, and was part of the intello-trad trio Les Têtes à Papineau. In 2017 he launched 2 albums: La quête et l’acquis and À jeu découvert, the latter with guitarist Marc-André Marchand.

Media Relations and Interview Request
Karine Parenteau 819-598-3193

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